Acupuncture in Tauranga

People, more than things, deserve to be fixed…

“Acupuncture” is an abbreviation in my clinic: it is one small part to a complete medical system including: a health history, bodywork, lifestyle advice, TCM therapies, herbs, Western functional tests, sport strapping, professional referrals to other specialists as needed… Holistic medicine for the whole population, for the whole you!

Many “acupuncturists” in the world should be seen more under the title Doctor of Oriental Medicine for the greater role of the whole body of skills. Look for those today who might also be herbalists, have training in pharmacology, patient counselling, nutrition, ethics & appropriate referral pathways. In the U.S., for example, they may be considered primary care providers, work in hospitals; in Europe they work closely with GP’s, in Asia they often are also GP’s…. even the U.S. military has trained practitioners doing “battlefield acupuncture” & PTSD services.  New Zealand has its own systems & strengths such as accepting acupuncture for all ACC injuries and private insurance coverage. But know that internal medicine & specialties also paint a richer picture.

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  • ACC injuries managed & covered
  • Appointments without needles can be given, including sport strapping, cupping, moxa
  • Herbal medicines & top nutritional products prescribed
  • Professional referrals to other doctors or therapies as needed
  • Evaluation of current supplements

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John is a Qualified Acupuncturist, Medical Herbalist (non reg), ACC Provider and Specialist.