Cancer Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture Treatment for Cancer Patients

Cancer has touched far too many of us unfortunately. I lost my father, several aunts and uncles and a number of too young friends to this complicated disease.

Here at Promed House we have established a new and remarkable integrated cancer care setting. I can provide ongoing support – from initial diagnosis through remission – to mitigate side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, provide supplements or supplement advice as required, and guide you towards proper counselling and lifestyle advice.

Fatigue, depression, digestive complaints as side-effects to your diagnosis can also be worked through. Plus willing to discuss or clarify with you questions you have about your diagnosis, treatment plans and other alternative treatments you might be considering.

In-house we have integrative medical oncologist Dr. Anna Goodwin who will be traveling regularly from the Waikato to see patients in Tauranga, IV vitamin C for those undergoing chemotherapy – or just finished – plus oncology massage, and I work hand in hand with Desiree DeSpong, a lymphatic specialist with years specialised in the field.

Most oncologists agree a team approach is best when dealing with cancer and I’ve never met a doctor opposed to patients trying proper acupuncture for pain management, strength and overall well-being after diagnosis. Acupuncture treatment has finally made it into the integrated column with mainstream medicine and cancer care – and rightly so.