Pregnancy and Woman’s Health

Acupuncture Treatment Fertility and Menstrual Health

Yes! I Treat for Fertility and Woman’s Health Issues 


  1. Painful Cycles (Dysmenorrhea)
  2. Missed or stopped menses (Amenorrhea)
  3. Spotting or mid-cycle bleeding
Read Here About a Recent Study I was involved in for period pain: 

Always try acupuncture when trying to get pregnant. Even with IUI or IVF. Always. 

  • Fertility Assistance
  • Detox Prior to Pregnancy
  • Transitioning off Contraception
  • Labour Induction
  • Miscarriage Prevention

To date I’ve not only helped 85 women get pregnant – most of whom already had failed rounds of IVF. I can help to clarify and prioritise the myriad array of information out there – some of it misleading or downright incorrect.

One particular success story had been deemed “infertile” for 13 years and had already adopted a baby girl. It took us just 2 ½ menstrual cycles to conceive. We are still in contact over 10 years later. My 3 most recent cases required only 1.5 cycles. I would love to keep that number growing… stories like this alive.

Who knows more about having children than a population of 1 billion?!  They must be doing something right with all those people. Light jokes aside, painful periods, polycystic ovaries, amenorrhea, and symptoms of menopause may also be eased using acupuncture treatment and especially herbal medicines. These topics are some of the most widely researched and reached conditions using TCM. Plus, they just happen to be a specialty I have taken to naturally for well over a decade.

Blessed and humbled in 2013 to be asked to assist 2 fully-funded research trials through the University of Western Sydney

  1. Acupuncture with IVF – a trans-Tasman multi-year study
  2. Acupuncture for period pain – Auckland based PhD study through The Body Workshop and Mike Armour.

I gave treatments as part of rigorous protocols comparing different modes of acupuncture for one trial, then sham versus real acupuncture in another. Unfortunately, my involvement ended 18 months later when I shifted to Tauranga in late 2014

One of my most memorable pain patients presented with a grapefruit sized ovarian cyst. I had seen her before for other complaints, and she stopped in to get “balanced” before surgery 13 days away. I asked if she’d like to shrink the cyst prior to surgery.  She looked at me wide-eyed, as if that was even possible?? Of course it was – I had done it before. I treated her 3 times, prescribed herbs, when the surgeon opened her abdomen… there was no cyst at all. He closed her up, but before releasing her home asked what she had done between her last visit & the op? Only acupuncture and herbs, she said. The infuriating misinformed doctor proclaimed that it couldn’t have been that: it must have been some sort of spontaneous reabsorption – the likes of which he had never seen before. Now to be completely objective, that does indeed happen – plenty of women have cysts which grown & subside, but not for an operable one that size, with strong pain, or in the time frame allowed. The fact that I had specifically diagnosed & treated her for a condition I had experience seeing should prove otherwise. Either way, my patient was pain free and I continue to help women “spontaneously reabsorb” their cysts and fibroids too.

I will work directly with your midwife, family, GP or other practitioners every step of the way. Just be certain this is exactly what you want, because you will likely get it! 😉