Headaches and Migraines

Acupuncture treatment for headaches and migraines

Acupuncture (TCM) Treatment for Headaches and Migraine Pain

Head pain. Who hasn’t experienced it? Too many of us experience it on a regular basis. This is upsetting! Medications today may help rather well in controlling pain and discomfort, but little to prevent recurrence. This is where I come in to unravel the ball of yarn and help you to prevent them. Headaches are one of the most simple and straightforward things I have ever treated. My deeper understanding and appreciation for them stems from 2 book projects where I co-wrote and edited one text for using TCM to treat migraines, and a second for treating chronic sinusitis. The books themselves are not well-written for the general population, but these projects kick-started a passion that has lasted for years.

There are always exceptions, especially in cases with organic or obstructive cause such as tumours, certain sinus or vascular occlusions, but even these might be mitigated to some extent.

In TCM acute headaches are thought of exactly as in Western medicine. But chronic headaches are not classified like they are in allopathic terms: cluster, tension, migraine, eye strain, etc. Instead we attach them to organ function based on location and type of pain. Understanding both systems I actually prefer the latter: it is far more specific and focused. The term “migraine” is grossly overused in my experience for example. In TCM we can split a migraine into a dozen different types.

Note that herbal medicines will always be required in addition to manual treatments. I can work hand in hand with your existing doctors/practitioners or recommend new ones. Don’t live any longer with the life disruption of chronic headaches!

Treatments for concussion, whiplash and other TBI’s also given.

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