acupuncture treatment for Musculoskeletal pain

Acupuncture Treatment for Musculoskeletal Pain

Do you wonder how putting needles into the body can possibly affect pain or speed recovery from injury? We can go on about macrophage response, dopamine, vasodilation and the like. But explaining how in person is way better. Too many times people formulate strong ideas about something with zero personal experience.  Traditional practitioners have been dealing effectively with injury since the dawn of time. Of course the ED quickly puts things together: stitches, plasters, pins, plates if needed.  But once stabilised, we can speed your recovery. I’ve spent years putting runners, swimmers, surfers, skydivers and every type of weekend warrior back together. I fractured my leg once and was jogging in 12 days. Fractured 2 spinal vertebrae with only traditional and hands-on therapies to get me going again fast. It’s not just acupuncture, but a combination of manual “physio-type” therapies, sport taping, plasters, rubs, stretches and exercises etc.

Registered ACC provider (one of just a handful in Tauranga) and able to work with an array of physical injuries and accidents.

Team sport injury practitioner for Greerton Marist Rugby 2014 season, including acute sideline management.

Not just a needle-sticker, treatment aims are to get you well and then keep you well.  If I can’t help you, my network of prime physios, osteopaths and other care are close at hand. Remember ACC allows you the patient to see multiple practitioners at once – you do not just “get” 12 treatments in total, for example. You may be allowed 12 session of physio, 14 of acupuncture AND 14 of osteopathy on an injury, and you are allowed to switch practitioners at any time. (Note our aim is always to get you well without needing the total allowed ACC number of sessions).

ACC surcharges are $40 for first visit 1 hour. $35 or $30 thereafter depending on length of session.