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Science vs Reality

Modern society has so many gifts. As a traveler who has seen quite a few parts of the developing and/or impoverished world,  I deeply appreciate the awesome simplicity of things like flicking a switch and the light comes on bright, or the presence of refrigeration! Yet modern society has also piled heaps of dirt on […]


For one who does not know water no description can equal the experience of being thrown into a lake!  This little Zen saying sums up Acupuncture – or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – nicely. One can read or hear about it in a thousand different posts, blogs, websites Youtube clips and health books. They might see […]

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is a bit more complicated than Acupuncture. There are traditionally about 360 acupuncture points… but over 4000 plant medicines. I may not know them all off the top of head, but  I know where to get the information quickly for those I don’t, and keep up to date with latest research and news from the […]