Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is a bit more complicated than Acupuncture. There are traditionally about 360 acupuncture points… but over 4000 plant medicines. I may not know them all off the top of head, but  I know where to get the information quickly for those I don’t, and keep up to date with latest research and news from the natural products realm. Unsatisfied with some of the selection out there, I have begun formulating my own line of specialty products. Please check in or feel free to ask questions.

Don’t think herbs are inherently safe because they are “natural.” They will be inherently safe when prescribed or advised by a qualified professional. Not simply out to sell my own stock, I readily evaluate products you are already taking or thinking about, and can offer a health opinion. Often times I can minimise a person’s regimen by targeting the treatment with specific goals. 

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Trained extensively in European & Asian herbs, plus a sprinkling of Pacific, pan-African and plants of the Americas,  I carry an array of customisable medicines. Don’t worry, you do not have to cook and drink horrid tasting tree bark tea (unless, of course,  you wish to). I learned that way, like most TCM practitioners – traditionally wrapping the flowers, barks, roots and berries in paper for you to take home and cook for 3-7 hours. It is an amazing part to the medicine, but sadly impractical for most of us today. Sourcing fresh herbs and keeping them fresh is a constant challenge. They consume a lot of space, attract insects, moulds etc.

Instead, I offer granulated or dehydrated powders which can be crafted in small to large batches & put into capsules, plus Medi Herb or New Zealand owned PhytoMed liquids which are a combination of European, Asian and Pacific plants. I do also carry several high quality ready-prepared capsules and tablets from the likes of Metagenics, Thorne, Pure, and local favourites Clinicians or Lifestream.

I had both pharmacology and biochemistry in university which, while not at medical doctor’s level, does further enable me to to understand the medication you might already be prescribed. I read medical literature identical to your GP or specialist and generally know the latest topics. This helps us avoid complications or unwanted effects – something your doctor or pharmacist cannot help with since they do not have this herbal side to the equation.

I may also be able to help replace certain drugs with herbs, for those looking for more natural ways with fewer toxic side effects, such as easing off statins, mood regulators, reflux and even pain meds. This can be a sensitive topic and process, but one I have been asked to do hundreds of times by patients over the years who feel they have been over-prescribed, incorrectly treated, or simply tired of drug side-effects. Every case is unique and I can work closely with your current doctors or practitioners.

I may combine vitamins, amino acids or other nutraceuticals to my products. Just as a combination of therapies may be best for a person, so might a combination of substances. A sport tonic, for instance, might involve herbs shown to prevent muscle fatigue and increase endurance – great for any athlete – yet also include glutamine, magnesium or other compounds to benefit physical health and fitness.  I can add an herbal anti-flam to that base for those who still need to compete or perform while recovering from other injuries, aches or pains. A headache or anxiety product might contain herbs PLUS N-acetyl cysteine, a well researched amino acid. Or I might use a niacin product for those dealing with high cholesterol and heart health…

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In TCM we never give just 1 single substance for a complaint. Sadly, modern research is almost always based on single herbs or single nutrients. I won’t mince words when I say this is next to useless in actual living practise and people. Can you imagine adding nothing but one spice to lasagna or soup? Even something as simple as tomato sauce will have 4-5 ingredients. Many have heard of taking echinacea for colds, or ginko for memory, olive leaf for immune, lavender to help sleep… I will use these too, yet will combine them with a handful of other ingredients. Some advanced combinations even have over 3 dozen single herbs!

A formula like this is balanced to meet a range of needs. Because a cold is not just a cold – it affects half a dozen parts of the body from ears to bowels to back. And where many drugs require other drugs to mitigate the side-effects of the first drug, a herbal formula might contain that balanced part within it.

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